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Say My Meme

Jul 27, 2021

The Olympics are, undeniably, a big deal. And whether you agree with the ancient Greek games' sociopolitical agenda, capitalist underpinnings or contradictory policies on everything from disability to drug use – you probably can't help but watch. So this week, we're brining you some choice memes about all your...

Jul 13, 2021

As if film memes weren't hard enough, this week we dove into the world of Saturday Morning Cartoons – before you could just watch cartoons on-demand – to explore the best memes to come out of classics like Powerpuff Girls, Pinky and the Brain, Spongebob and more.

Jul 6, 2021

Now that everyone is getting back on planes and hitting the road again, we're hitting the podcast with some travel memes! If you want your favorite memes audio described on the show, send us an email at!